William C. Gough, Ph.D. – Physicist

My name is William C. Gough, my degrees are in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University. I have worked most of my life as a research manager in plasma physics, controlled fusion power, and high energy physics. I co-founded the Foundation for Mind-Being Research in 1980 and am the current Chairman of the Board. The Foundation explores the bridge between science and the physical/mind/spirit connections.

I have known Gregory Yau, a Shaolin Kung Fu master, for almost a decade. My respect for Gregory grew initially through his acupuncture skills, then through his martial arts training techniques. What fascinated me scientifically was his development of an effective program for transferring his knowledge through the use of symbolic processes to the cellular structure of a person’s physical body. The use of “sacred symbols” to amplify the transfer of specific information to the body was very intriguing.

I am now 74 years old and have personally observed the enhancing effects that Gregory Yau’s information patterns can have upon our body. I have recommended to the FMBR President, Dr. Tiffany Schneider, that we seek funds to scientifically explore the process of energy enhancement that is occurring using the products that Mark and Gregory are developing.”