Online Courses

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Academy of Health and Self Defense provides a scientific, quantifiable yet user-friendly system to acquire an ancient martial art-form that can be applied in modern day life, augmenting the mental and physical capacities while deploying skills to defend ourselves against the threats of today’s complicated life and environment.

Weekly Online Courses includes:

01-Meridians + Chakras knowledge for health: Use your body’s Internal Acupuncture Meridians and Acupoints for self-healing and build great internal power.  Balance your body, mind, spirit, and emotions using the Chakra system

02-Qigong for Wing Chun Self Defense: Strengthen your muscles, tendons, and bones (muscle tendon change classic) based on the Wing Chun Kung Fu system.  Use Acupoint qigong for faster recovery after rigorous workouts gaining greater stamina and internal power.  Learn and apply the Yin & Yang principles for accelerated learning.

03-O’SNAP Quantum Fitness: Archived Quantum Fitness Lessons for the O”SNAP community

In-Person Workshops

*Watch this space for future workshops: $120 or $100 EarlyBird Pre-registration

Learn How to:

*Develop Iron Bridge Arms

*Train One Inch Power

*Super Back Stretch

$120 per Workshop (does NOT include pre-registration gifts)

$100 pre-registration, plus eBook ($20 value) AND 2-oz Iron Palm Formula ($80 value)--$120 Savings!