Steve Biondi

“I met Greg over 10 years ago. I was referred to him by our 
mutual martial arts friend, Ron. Greg has the ability to influence 
thru suggestion and a real understanding of body workings. 
Because of his great expertise and understanding, I have been 
able to get my illnesses in check and gain a much better 
understanding of diabetes and chronic gout. My diabetes remains 
in check but the main reason is that Greg showed me how to lose 
40 pounds without drastically changing my eating habits. Greg 
has this innate sense of knowing exactly what my body needed. I 
have been involved with his programs almost from their inception.
These cutting edge ideas have completely revolutionized how I go 
about my daily activities. He is able to spark my energies, relax 
my body, and increase my awareness. Greg’s easy demeanor 
makes me want to be the best that I can be. I feel privileged and 
very fortunate to learn from him, to get exposure to his systems 
and to call him my friend. I just can’t say enough good things 
about this incredible person.”