Stephen Hoffmann

“Greg appeared in my life in the mid-00s, he was at a party I was having and he was the most serene person in the room. I introduced myself and he said, “I teach kung-fu where all my students meet their destiny.” I signed up on the spot and have been a faithful student ever since. When I was a kid, I used to wish that I could find a master like in those 70s Shaw Bros movies, the ones with the long eyebrows who could teach me acupuncture, herbs, and secret kung-fu techniques. Greg didn’t have long eyebrows but he checked all the other boxes. My wish came true! Since working with Greg I have come to understand that he teaches the most modern sort of kung-fu available. Today, people are rarely suffering from violence. While some people might live in bad areas and be more prone to it, most of us no longer need to live in fear of violence because violent crimes have been on a steady decline for the last 50 years. Now we need strong bodies that can handle stress, have good immune systems, and be able to be strong enough to handle accidents.

In the 15+ years of working with Greg, I haven’t gotten into fights, but I’ve had plenty of times where a fall or other kind of accident would have produced a much more serious injury and all I had was maybe a small black and blue. My body has become stronger and my mind more patient thanks to working with Greg and I think that is more important in our modern times than learning how to fight, which also comes with Greg’s work, but doesn’t seem to be as much of the focus as grounding and strengthening the body. Just spend a few minutes with him and you’ll know he has the good stuff. He can teach the legendary things most people don’t even realize exist, like muscle-tendon change and marrow-cleansing bone-strengthening.”