Shaun Kook – Motivational Coach – NLP Master Trainer

“My name is Shaun Kook. I am Co-founder of SELJE Coaching and 
Training, located just north of San Francisco, California. We 
specialize in helping small business owners overcome anxiety and 
embody their potential.

I choose to work with Greg Yau because I needed a Chi Gung 
Master who owned a deep understanding of how our minds and 
bodies worked together. More specifically, how our mind and body 
work together when damage has occurred due to injury.

As an Airborne Ranger in the US Army’s 75TH Ranger Regiment I 
sustained injuries significant enough to honor a medical release 
from the US Army. I sustained injuries to C3/4, C6 and C8. The 
brain surgeon ordered me to discontinue all Ranger and Jump 
Master Duties and he told me that I would never study the Martial 
Arts again. In the short time that I have had the distinct privilege 
of studying with Greg I have felt a significant increase in energy 
and flexibility. It’s as if my mind and body have been awakened 
from a long sleep.  

Thanks to Greg, not only have I learned a great number of 
techniques which work wonderful on evaporating anxiety for my 
clients, I am happily and healthfully practicing Wing Chun Gung Fu
with Greg and one of his students, Sifu (Chinese for teacher) Bert 

I am truly grateful to Greg Yau. If it weren’t for the depth of his 
knowledge and the wisdom he has instilled in Sifu Bert Rodriguez 
I would still be dreaming about the Martial Arts not living the life 
of a Martial Arts Practitioner.”