Sally Webb

“I first met Greg Yau in 1994 when I attended a lecture by Wing Pon.  Wing was starting some classes and Greg was going to do the physical part.  A combination of yoga, chi gong, energy work and systems work.  I continued to take classes form Greg over the years because he is always evolving and teaching new things.  I became an early member of SHSD (Shaolin School of Health and Self Defense.)  He has excellent teaching methods and he is always upbeat.

In October of 2004 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer.  Greg has supported me with herbs and acupuncture and wisdom.  When I was unable to leave the house he would come to our home and give me acupuncture.  He is part of the reason I am still alive.  I give the chemo a little credit but it almost wiped out all my blood cells and platelets.

In my continuing battle with the cancer I can count on Greg’s spiritual and actual healing process.  I have full faith in his remarkable ability.”