Richard Avila – Former Law Enforcement Officer

“I was fortunate enough to meet Master Yau through the graces 
of a mutual friend. Master Yau has trained my mind and body like 
know one has before. He took me through three stages of Chi-
Gung training.  In my first training session, I was able to 
experience a sensation like I never had experienced before.  I was 
able to release energy like nothing I could explain. All I know is 
that in one five-minute session I was able to do several easy to 
follow maneuvers and my whole body turned into what I can best 
describe as a Tesla Coil. I have continued with acupuncture and 
three more sessions to date. I feel like I did when I was a rookie 
officer, full of life and ready to truly tackle the world.

Most importantly for me, the training and acupuncture I have 
been following under Master Yau, is preparing me for the most 
difficult challenge in my life. More than two weeks ago I was 
terrified for my life. Right now I am ready and at peace with the 
near future surgery.  I am confident with Master Yau’s continued 
training; that I will be surprising many people including my 
surgeons and cardiologists. This training is not just training for 
the sake of learning something new; it is a lifestyle that will be a 
continued part of my life. I found the missing part of my soul that 
needed to be grounded and centered amongst those ancient 
eastern traditions, known by Master Yau.”