Lyndon Oudsten – Master Trainer Harmony Wing Chun | the Netherlands

“When I found GM Greg Yau I was in very poor health and down on my luck. I saw his Sil Nim Tao video on Youtube and contacted him with some questions. Lucky enough GM Yau answered me and so started a year of online instructions and teaching through videos and emails.

In this year my health improved amazingly quick and my power kept growing, GM Yau told me to take his emails and turn it into a book: “The Secrets of Wing Chun for Self-mastery” and helped me set up my own Kung Fu school “Lyn Harmony Wing Chun”.

Now at 38 years old very healthy, I’m stronger than I ever was and I’m still gaining strength. This makes me living proof that GM Greg Yau’s Online Qigong System works and can be effectively taught online.”