John Ovalle

“My name is John Ovalle, and I met Greg Yau since 2004. 
Undoubtedly, Greg has proven to be one of the most influential 
persons I have ever had the pleasure to meet. There is not a day 
that has gone by since I met Greg that I do not recall, utilize, or 
practice lessons I have learned from him to promote and maintain 
the balance and health of my mind and body.

I am active in men’s soccer, running, skiing, and biking amongst 
other activities, and am frequently getting dings and minor 
injuries. Through Greg’s teachings and techniques, particularly 
breathing lessons, I feel I am able to recover from my injuries 
with more strength than before it was injured.

As time has gone on, these lessons have also helped me prevent 
injuries through increased consciousness of body movement. 
Additionally, I am convinced these lessons have strengthened my 
immune system, as I feel as good as I have felt in my 36 years of