Joan Holland

“I have been studying with Greg for 2 years, initially traveling from Arizona to attend his monthly seminars and recently having moved to the Bay Area.  Who am I?  I’ve been a seeker all my life.  I have a brown belt in Judo and have been interested in martial arts for 25 years.  I have a master’s degree from Columbia University.  I work as a designer and businesswoman.  I’m encased in a very sensitive physical body with hyper mobility and pain issues.  Most significantly, I have been greatly honored and blessed to have been taught meditation, mysticism and self-discovery by several fine masters and I myself have been a meditation teacher.  Pure motivation is paramount to me.  With his unique gifts, Greg could easily become entranced by fame and fortune, but Greg feels that he has a responsibility to not only provide for his family but also the rest of humanity.

What is a seminar like?  A whirlwind, to say the least.  Time flies.  Greg is so full of new discoveries and new techniques he is fairly bursting with enthusiasm.  We are agog as we find ourselves, simply by holding a laminated piece of paper or a penny topped by a stick-on dot, able to withstand a push from Greg, when a moment before, minus the paper, a push rocked us backwards.  As class continues, Greg tests us before and after holding such objects with the same result.  Or sometimes we will do a sequence of movements, (nothing strenuous, one of the points of the training is to get strong without exercising) in a specific sequence; trying the same movements in a slightly altered sequence will simply not work.  The point of all of this is not reliance on power objects or lucky charms, nor a rigid routine but to educate ourselves at a cellular level so we will no longer need them.  Then we are advised by Greg to give them back to the universe by letting them go.  The whole time, Greg is beaming, sharing our awe, making gentle, humorous corrections, and spewing a seemingly inexhaustible amount of knowledge.  His childlike delight and vastness of information is remarkable.   

When I was studying Judo over a decade ago, I experienced random magical moments when seemingly out of time and body I effortlessly hurled my formidable sensei, more than twice my size, without any idea of how this had happened.  This is akin to what we’re cultivating with Greg.

This is a perfect system for busy people of all ages and physical conditions.  It has the potential to be a shortcut to the endorphins of exercise and the prowess of martial arts.

I do not yet intellectually understand Greg’s Matrix Chi system but it doesn’t seem to matter.  My body and my spirit recognize and respond to it.  I leave class without the pain and fatigue I often arrive with, in a state of heightened awareness and well-being.”