Heidi Wagner

“Although I’m not a martial artist, I find Greg’s “Yau Qi Gong” invaluable for anyone, regardless of age, who wants to take charge of their own health, improve energy, prevent disease and experience their potential & true purpose in life. The classes are intensive and disciplined, yet presented in a fun, upbeat approach encouraging one to be at their best.

Some specific benefits have included:

  1. Simple, three step technique which has enabled me to fall asleep quickly, after long standing sleep issues.
  2. An application of a martial arts technique which has repeatedly de-escalated conflict ( before it gets out of hand) in daily activities, including the workplace and delete fears, even in dreams.
  3. Breathing techniques to increase oxygenation, which has been a major problem for me during COVID, especially since I have been obligated at work to wear masks for the last two years.
  4. Joint pain is lessened, especially in the knees, since I must walk several miles daily.
  5. Reduced weight easily.

Greg’s method communicates” Informational Qi” to the body, so that we can begin to recognize where our physical weaknesses are located and then take steps to improve.

In general, I’ve experienced a greater appreciation and daily life application of the synergy Yau Qi Gong has created. It integrates ancient Shaolin techniques & philosophy, Wing Chun, acupuncture, as well as quantum physics.

Yau Chi Gung reconnects us to the inherent power of the physical body, so we can re-integrate body, mind and spirit and re-connect to the universal energy surrounding us.

In doing so, Greg has delivered a remarkable, universal model for the 21st century. What he does makes the world a better place! It’s an honor to know him.”