Grandmaster Jody Perry, Ph.D/M.A, Soke – 10 Time Hall of Fame Inductee – World Champion – Sambo WorldTeam Coach

“In my years of training in the Martial Arts, I have had the great opportunity to train with many of the best Masters, Grandmasters, and Professors in the arts. Many of the instructors are founders of their own arts. Arts that they documented from their understanding of the human anatomy and its functions and abilities, physically or mentally. Many times we shared philosophies, strategies, and training techniques that would enhance the performance of our student’s athletes.

Until meeting and working with Greg Yau, I never realized just how much we “did not “know about the power and dynamic abilities an athlete could excel to with the proper training. Training that has a track record of success of producing more powerful results in a shorter period of time and less physical or mental effort. Greg’s’ work is comprised of these features. Greg’s training methods can, and will produce the ultimate athlete. Since training with Greg my students and I have excelled in our athleticism and understanding of methods to increase power, speed, flow, and obtain top physical fitness. We have produced many champions in local and international tournaments and are very excited and enthusiastic as to how great our “Perfect Athletes” will be with extended training from Greg’s’ programs”.