Eddie Katzman

“I have worked with Greg Yau for over 14 years, and consider it 
time very well spent. Having been involved with the martial arts 
for over 40 years, I’ve had the privilege of training with some fine 
teachers. But it wasn’t until my association with Greg that I was 
able to reach the fullest understanding of all I had learned before. 
His genius is the ability to look at things in uncommon ways and 
see the connections between things that seemingly have no 
working relationship. Rather than the narrow field of expertise 
that so many people have, he has a unique understanding of the 
science that underlies all healing and fitness arts. It’s one thing to 
be accomplished in one art. It’s quite another to be able to 
observe someone doing something that you have no experience 
in, yet be able to make corrections and additions to it! That is a 
broad and profound understanding. And that is my experience 
with Greg. Combined with an infectious enthusiasm and great 
generosity in sharing his knowledge, I have to say that Greg is a 
teacher of the very highest order.

I offer these opinions from the modest experience that I have:
– Study of martial and fitness arts beginning in 1967, continuing 
through the present day. (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean)
– Teaching since 1982, continuing through the present day.
(Special emphasis on Chi gung, Wing chun, and Tai chi)
– Main teachers:
Chris Chan
Robert Cook
Man Soo Chung
Last, but certainly not least, Greg Yau”