David Holland

“At the time I first met Greg Yau over five years ago I had been practicing Martial Arts for almost 20 years.  I train in various forms of Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Chi Kung, inspired by an eclectic teacher who combined grace, power and harmony.

Greg’s workshop was described by an old friend as “…a different kind of Chi Kung”, and I welcomed the opportunity.  Meeting Gregis an encounter with a human dynamo – he is always smiling, enthusiastic and brimming with energy and information.  Over thecourse of severalmonths, the workshops evolved into small group monthly sessions exploring Greg’s system of what might possibly be called quantum energy dynamics.

Describing what Greg is doing as Chi Kung is simply the easiest way to begin.  Being a practitioner of martial arts, I am attuned tothe movement of my body and its currents of energy.  Having this foundation and sensitivity merely provides a common ground to start from.  Greg’s method is to go directly to the “end of martial arts” – a fluid grounded state that feels at once energized, serene, and surprise – normal!

It is Greg’s goal to transmit the information and techniques which will enable people to inhabit that state of mind and body at all times.  He draws his inspiration from everywhere, seeing the power and utility in ordinary objects as well as esoteric teachings.

His gift is the ability to synthesize and communicate this knowledge. He teaches directly to the body while engaging the mind in the wonders of the mysterious world we inhabit.  I feel fortunate to be a participant and my life has increased in vibrancy throughout this voyage of discovery.

To this day, I continue to work with Greg in collaboration and exploration of the healing power of movie mandalas – light transmission of mind energy.”