Albert Pot – Orthopedic Manual Therapist

“Hello, I am Albert Pot. My profession is an Orthopedic Manual therapist. I work in The Netherlands in a private practice for orthopedic complaints and I am specialized in treatment of the spine.”

Nowadays we see that a lot of back problems in the clinic due to a weak sitting and standing posture , altered movement patterns, and bad breathing that causes chest and neck problems.

I am also a passionate Wing-Chun Kung Fu practitioner. I met GM Greg Yau on a seminar about Wing-Chun Kung-Fu .He talked about the details and secrets of a good posture, proper deep breathing and how this strengthens the body calms the mind and improves you re energy. Greg told me he teaches Qi Gong to improve a persons health and the person is able to develop the power to reach his full potential in life. I did 3 Qi-Gong seminars with him and I discovered the missing link , how I could improve the results of my treatment on the long term by teaching my patients Greg ‘s Chi Gong.

Qi Gong trains the body in such a way that you re body gets his optimum structural balance. The training teaches you how you stand right on you re feed, proper knee, and pelvis position, stretching the spine so that the vertebra are staying in the right position, bringing you re thorax and ribs above your pelvis and therefore give a stable base and position for your neck and shoulders. By this proper alignment the body can work better together as a hole and becomes in his natural power and strength. One of the key points to let the body work together and connecting the arms with the legs is the the position of the pelvis. Greg ‘s Qi Gong is training the secret key points of you re body and this makes it a perfect training with maximum effect. For many years this was a secret in the Kung Fu world and now Greg is personally sharing it with the world in his online school.

Greg’s online school also teaches you all about proper breathing. A lot of problems in the body are due to bad breathing. Good deep breathing relaxes the nerves system and the mind and is a absolute need to stay healthy. The course is in sequences and is easy to learn and gives direct results. It improves you re health and well-being. Greg s Chi Gong is a self treatment to heal yourself and understanding body s principles and getting control over your body again. It reduces stress and it trains the calmness of the mind.”