All forms of cancer, obesity, heart attack, back pain, neck pain, allergies, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, headache, migraine, sexual dysfunction, infertility, depression, manic depressive & weak immune system. The list keeps growing almost daily.

The 2 most probable causes of the chronic physical dis-ease are due to improper diet & your home. Unknown food allergies is the major concern. Read the labels to see the ingredients and amount of sugars contained. Stay away from food products when you cannot read or recognize the name of the listed ingredients. The best solution is to eat, real fresh food, avoiding processed foods. Check to see what your food allergies are. You will be very surprised.

When the connective tissue of the body weakens the muscles, skin & organs begins to sag. When our stomach loses it’s elasticity it gets soft and hangs. Digestion becomes poor & food sits in your entire digestive system causing stagnation. The block of energy flow results in feeling tired all the time. Indigestion for over long periods of time leads to many chronic dis-eases.

Check your home for mold. It is real problem for everyone who breathe mold into their body every day and night.

For the weekend warrior, improper preparation & fatigue leads to injuries, especially at the major bone joints of the body. The results are tennis elbow, shoulder & back pain. Other problems are inflammation with the knees & feet.

For the professional athlete is over working out, injuries & stress associated with being a paid athlete. This leads to nerve and chronic body
pain for life.

For the office workers, lack of sunshine leads to many dis-eases such as light deficit disorder, which may lead to suicides. Computers cause eye strains, headaches, carpel tunnel & back pain to name a few.

Today’s major problem for many is mental stress. Science has proven long term stress, from 1 year to over 20 years, will change the blood chemistry & unbalance one’s hormonal chemistry which leads to many mysterious dis-eases. Meditation, relaxation & deep breathing are the best solutions one can learn & implement without a doctor or medication. The sooner one begins, the easier & faster, for one to return & remain in great health.