Course Two


This 6 month course program guides the student through building a solid foundation for all future Academy programs and advanced lessons. Based upon a scientific system of learning and applying the human body’s subtle energies, one will develop focused concentration and mental clarity for greater health and fitness goals. This course consists of 6 lessons! Each lesson needs to be practiced for a period of 2 months and for optimal results, 5 times a week. This course contains 4 modules. There will also be 2 supplemental Qigong (Chi Gung) meditation movements to be used concurrently with the main Qigong (Chi Gung) lessons.

The secrets of the internal power in Kung Fu are proven by the science of Biomechanics, Sacred Geometry and Vacuum Physics. Ancient Qigong (Chi Gung) implemented with deep breathing, martial arts stances and engineered movements will unite the body and mind to work as one unit. The Qigong (Chi Gung) meditation exercises are very subtle but powerful. Each practice session should be completed in 9 minutes or less. This course sets the foundation and will help implement the proper postures, deep breathing techniques, and precise movements into your daily life and busy schedule.

Instructor: Grandmaster Greg Yau

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